Sensibilização no Colégio do Ave

Os nossos cachorrinhos foram visitar o Colégio do Ave com a médica veterinária Ana Magalhães no passado mês de março 2017. Com a turma de inglês, os alunos de 5 anos tiveram a oportunidade de conhecer um pouco o universo "veterinário" e alguns cuidados a ter com os animais. 

Colégio do Ave:

"In our IntegratEnglish lessons we have been learning about different jobs. Last week, the 5 year old children welcomed a vet into their classroom!
The vet, Dr. Ana, brought 5 small puppies and showed us how to clean their ears and listen to their heartbeat with a stethoscope. We also learnt about the different food that dogs, cats and rabbits eat. We had such fun dressing up as vets, pretending to give injections with syringes, looking at vaccination booklets, feeding the dogs and interpreting x-rays. Dr. Ana left so many presents for us, including some delicious animal-shaped waffles!"


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